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(a) has no deceitful intent;

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(c) is appropriate for the page on which it appears.

We are willing to entertain requests for reciprocal links from the following organizations:

A wide range of sources, including accounting services, Internet portals, legal firms, educational establishments, consulting enterprises, online directories, trade organizations, and recognized consumer or corporate information databases.

You can contact LibidoMale by email if you represent one of the groups mentioned in paragraph above and would like to set up a link to our site. You can contact LibidoMale by email if you represent one of the groups mentioned in the paragraph above and would like to set up a link to our site.

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Either by using our company's name directly, by using the uniform resource locator directly, or by using any other way to describe our website that fits with the information on the linking party's site and its layout.

You must first get a trademark license agreement from LibidoMale if you want to link to or otherwise use their logo or other proprietary artwork.


Our Web pages can't be changed in how they look or how they are presented without our written permission.

Liability for Content

We cannot be held accountable for any information listed on your website.. For any claims made against us on your website, you promise to protect and defend us. We do not permit linking to any site that contains or encourages illegal, defamatory, or offensive content, or that violates or advocates the violation of any third party's rights in any way.

Rights Reserved

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We may update the linking policy and other terms of service at any time. By linking to our website or keeping a link to our website, you show that you agree with and are committed to these linking rules.

Withdrawal of Linked Content from Our Website

Please let us know right away if you see a link on our site that you find offensive. We will be happy to examine requests to remove links, and hopefully, we can accommodate your request. We will do our best to give a personal response.

We can not guarantee the accuracy of any of the content on this website. No assurances are made as to the site's completeness or accuracy, nor are any made as to the accuracy or frequency of updates.


We declare that we bear no responsibility for any guarantees, warranties, or conditions concerning our website and its usage as allowed by law.

All liability exclusions, limits, and disclaimers in this Section and elsewhere in this disclaimer: (a) are subject to the previous paragraph; and (b) apply to all liabilities arising out of or related to this disclaimer, whether they are based on contract, tort, or any other legal theory.

We don't take any responsibility or liability for any kind of loss or damage you might experience as a result of, or in any way related to, your use of this site or any of the free information or services it offers.

Updated: January 20, 2023
Please note that all articles on LibidoMale should be used strictly for informational purposes only. Kindly consult your doctor or certified medical professional for medical advice.

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